The South Asian American Banking Association seeks to cultivate strong ties between the Asian American banking community. This community consists of banking professionals from all over the nation who will guide and enlighten other bankers through the vast nuances of banking. From novice to seasoned bankers, this unique group of men and women will help one another access new business markets, develop trustworthy relationships, and help mobilize one another for success and prosperity.

A social media platform created especially for SAABA will connect members from all 50 states to make sharing of contact information, business prospects, and career openings easily available.

Lastly, SAABA members will be emerging thought leaders in banking by providing new ideas, data, and market research to an ever-evolving industry for the betterment of society as a whole.

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Our mission is to create a distinguished national association for South Asian American Bankers that promotes interconnectedness, access to new markets, and the prosperity of banking professionals in the South Asian American community.


Through the SAABA network, members will become elevated banking professionals who will be able to direct banking conversations at a national level while simultaneously helping the South Asian business market even more prosperous.


Nasrullah Khan

With over thirty-six years of banking experience and seventeen years in the Small Business Administration Lending, Nasrullah Khan can easily be considered an expert in his field. He is a leader in marketing, compliance, public relations, management, and customer service. Mr. Khan has been a forerunner in business development on the East Coast, Midwest, and in the South Eastern United States. Without a doubt, Khan’s natural ability to participate in community development is a significant reason for his success in any given financial market climate.